Tartaruga Feliz

I use Art and Technology to spread Kindness

Characters, VR, AR, AI,
Animations and Hugs

Illustrations I create on Tilt Brush
How I coped with 2020 through animation and character design
My solo exhibition with Pictoplasma brought Augmented Reality and the path of self discovery through creativity.
A game experiment that you can download and play.
Interactive installation playing with projection mapping
Visual concept for a Virtual Reality experience called Noah: character design, logo, storyboard.
A performance where I defied rationality using a robot and intuition to answer very personal questions of visitors of the transmediale exhibition in Berlin.
Collective exhibition I organized inside Tilt Brush
Collaboration with Sukanya Anesha where we explored animations, sounds, characters and computer vision.
Random geometric animated characters looking at you weirdly
360 film created with animations and live music
Interactive installation where participants used their faces to become a candy eating character named Blob
A visit from a friend inspired a zine for a kid named Pedro
My first solo show
After exhibiting them in Berlin, I decided to bring the Balloons to Paris
The first physical manifestation of Pi
Self published zine