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  • Balloons


    I’ve been creating character balloons and developing their personality as they live. You can follow the updates about this project on my Facebook page. My first solo show was exhibited at Aviatrix Atelier in Berlin from 7 – 9th of November, 2014. Above you can see the pictures I exhibit. […]

  • Garatujas Fantásticas

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    My favorite project, Garatujas Fantásticas is a blog about and for kids. Founded with two friends, we show and talk about literature, animations, illustrations, films, apps, education and the most important part of childhood: playing! Garatujas is the first project created by my studio, the Flying Studio (Estúdio Voador). I […]

  • Speelbank

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    Speelbank is a database of activities for kids that is being created in Belgium! I created the logo, the poster and some black and white illustrations for their website. This project was a lot of fun to work on, specially starting by developing a main character to represent the idea […]

  • Mosquinhas


    I created some little flies for an animation by VJ Suave.  

  • Glück


    My first zine was born on my first winter in Berlin. I just drew faces on everything that deserved one! Edited by Pingado-Prés and available at Kaput Livros.

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