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About Me

My name is Deborah. I teach, draw and play!

What I like the most is C R E A T I V I T Y!

First, if you want to get the complete picture of my work, you can watch my talk at Pictoplasma clicking here.

I work as an illustrator, I animate, sometimes I code. In 2015 I started to teach, and fell in love with it. I’m always happy with the paths I took in my life, just by being curious.

After working at Disney Club Penguin, I founded a video game studio in Paris. Then, after participating in collective exhibitions, I had my first solo show in Berlin, inspired by my journey in Character Design with the Pictoplasma Academy. I’m also the teacher for Tales of Us, a youth education and conservation project that sends me to work with Congolese children!

I professionalized in Computer Vision at the School of Machines and made an interactive installation. I also studied Storytelling in Virtual Reality and created my first 360 film.

As a teacher, I founded Glück Workshops, where I empower children creatively, through explorations in Art and Technology. As a new media artist, I create interactive installations, animations and experiences where adults can live memories of childhood; and kids can explore new ways of expressions and feelings.