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it’s already february, 2016.

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and then this happened.



“Any human being who does not wish to be part of the masses need only stop making things easy for himself. Let him follow his conscience, which calls out to him: “Be yourself! All that you are now doing, thinking, desiring, all that is not you.”
Every young soul hears this call by day and by night and shudders with excitement at the premonition of that degree of happiness which eternities have prepared for those who will give thought to their true liberation. There is no way to help any soul attain this happiness, however, so long as it remains shackled with the chains of opinion and fear. And how hopeless and meaningless life can become without such a liberation! There is no drearier, sorrier creature in nature than the man who has evaded his own genius and who squints now towards the right, now towards the left, now backwards, now in any direction whatever.”

How to steal the life of a human being

We live of love

How would you like school to be?
Study, what must be studied. But then, off to play. Play. Play all day long.

And instead? Talk to me about school.
Instead… it’s dull. You’re always studying. You’ve got only thirty minutes break. I mean, it’s not very precise in how it gets things done. And then school, it’s a thing… like being in a cage. I mean, in school, you can’t live, you can’t play, you can’t make love. Right? For me school is a bunch of bullshit. Then, you know, when teacher calls you, often for a stupid thing, maybe because you haven’t studied. That’s crap that doesn’t belong in life. The note, this kind of stuff, don’t belong in life. In life belong love, happiness, pleasure, happiness. To discover life.

In your opinion, why do children get treated in such a strange way by adults, as if they were stupid? How do you explain it?

Because adults believe that children are good at nothing. Instead, maybe if they want to, children are more capable than adults. Because they have a different way of thinking. I imagine things more beautiful, more pure. Instead, grownups see things with malice.



Albert Einstein Tells His Son The Key to Learning & Happiness is Losing Yourself in Creativity (or “Finding Flow”)