Tartaruga Feliz



I’ve created characters as balloons and developed their personality as they lived for a while in my house. This inspired my first solo show at Aviatrix Atelier in Berlin from 7 – 9 of November, 2014.

Exploring character design using balloons led me to a variety of experiences that shaped my perception of who I am as an artist.

I exhibited nine photographs from my collection of hundreds. I used frames created with recycled wood in Berlin. They were either sold or donated to collectors of art / balloon lovers around the world. The exhibition also brought an interactive installation and a short film featuring balloons who went through a series of auditionings to be selected for the show.

I really enjoyed playing with the concept that each balloon had a distinct personality and went about their lives as a human being would, only in a much rapid pace, since balloons die pretty quickly.

My relationship with balloons

Over the years, balloons have become a sort of entity in my life.
I can’t see them as just plastic objects anymore. The experience of being surrounded by them for months and all the experiences I had interacting with other humans because of them, created a sort of  integration in the core of my being. They showed me the path to my authenticity, and I’m glad I had the courage to follow it!

Here's a video showing the exhibition in action and the preparations for it!
The short film exhibited in a very cozy room of the gallery brought a variety of personalities showcasing their talents whilst trying to convince me to let them in the show.
On the last day of the exhibition, I hosted a free workshop for children, inviting them to create a character and play.

The workshop turned out to be the most important part of my exhibition for me, as it showed me how much I loved working directly with children.