Tartaruga Feliz

Eat candy with Blob!


Blob was created for an interactive installation where I invited the visitors to become the little guy using the movements of their faces.

Blob was surrounded by different kinds of candy that would fly randomly around him. Visitors would open their mouths and move their faces to help him eat the candy, making the character have a different reaction depending on the candy he ate. 

Computer Vision is an area of research centered on how algorithms can extract information from images. This was originally done using still images, later video and now includes 3D data from cameras with 3D sensors. 


openFrameworks is an open source toolkit designed for creative coding and it made it easier for artists like myself to dab around and play with both the artistic and technical worlds. I used FaceOSC for face tracking and had help from fellow coders to glue the project together.

Character Design

I had a lot of fun playing around with Blob. His simplicity and insatiability for sweets made the technical difficulties all worthwhile for me and for whoever got in contact with him.