Tartaruga Feliz

Hug me, I'm yours


Pi is a character that was born from an app with jokes for children that I created a long time ago. This is his first physical manifestation and his main mission was to hug as many humans as possible.

Pi and I, by Paulo Borgia

In April 2014, I exhibited with the Pictoplasma Academy Group Show in Berlin. I worked with Pi, which is a little pea that is happy to be alive. I decided to make this character in a way that everyone could hug him and receive a hug back. 

The hugging mechanism

I worked with an engineer, Pierre Braun, who designed the hugging mechanism. Its funny to realize that such a simple concept required hours of work and very complicated knowledge on mechanics. We used laser cut pieces, metal joints and elastics to bring the sensation of hug.

The exhibition happened at Urban Spree in Berlin

After the exhibition was over, I donated Pi to Aviatrix Gallery, a place where children can express themselves artistically and play.

Pi was 1,5m wide and enjoyed his brief life in Berlin. This picture was taken by Paulo Borgia.