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Join me on Patreon!

Join me on Patreon!

Do you need inspiration to move the creative juice inside of you? Are you tired of trying books that teach you techniques that only last a week or two? Do you prefer to play video games than go out to some dark club? Are you fed up of all the fake electronic music playing around and all you want is some good old rock’n roll? Do you like dancing alone in your living room and having fun with silly things? Then, this is the place for you!

Click here and join me!

Join my creative process and develop your creativity through my explorations, which are extremely free and not affiliated with any sort of ideology whatsoever. The only thing that I follow is freedom and rock’n roll. I tend to turn everything into characters so you can join me on that as well.

I hope you join me and let’s have fun!

Yours truly,