Tartaruga Feliz

Over the Cloud


Over the Cloud is an augmented reality experience I created in collaboration with Studio NEEEU, for my solo exhibition with Pictoplasma

The exhibition happened at the Instituto Cervantes in Berlin, and invited visitors to unravel a hidden dimension of reality and follow my character Pi in his journey of self discovery through creative pursuits.

Visitors were invited into a room with 3D printed objects that were plain white. Nothing much happened until they used an AR app we developed especially for the exhibition.

The look of the app we developed

Each 3D print was a step

The exhibition brought a story of self discovery through the pursuit of creativity. We followed Pi’s journey starting from a point where we see him seating on a block, looking down with a cloud on top of his head. From there, he followed his curiosity and got challenged through each of the objects we were guided to navigate. We watched him interact with chaotic experiences until the very last object, a big globe, where he became himself, a fully bloomed, happy, creative and authentic Planet.

Thank you to all the humans who helped me on this journey.