Tartaruga Feliz

Smile and dream


A 360 film about life and the magic of living in Berlin.

I directed, edited, animated and starred in this movie. Helio Flanders, a Brazilian musician, played guitar while some friends joined us and explored my favorite spots in the city. The year was 2016 and VR was just starting to spread as a new medium.

If you watch on the browser, use your mouse to move around. I strongly advise you to watch it using a cardboard headset!

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This film is the result of a one month program about Virtual Fictions at the School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe.

It was exhibited at ACUD MACHT NEU as part of a collective show about narratives in virtual reality.

The illusion of reality

The impact of watching a 360 movie using a headset (even if it’s a simple cardboard one) is something you can’t describe until you try it. It is fascinating how easy it is to trick our brains into believing what it sees. 

I participated in serious research about VR and illusion a year after this project and designed a series of workshops with children all over Europe, where they explored VR through creating their own headsets and used cardboard as an anchor for navigating virtual worlds.

Some sketches of the characters I animated on the movie (not all of them made the cut)