Tartaruga Feliz

The Intuitive Robot


As part of the transmediale 2017, I performed ‘The Intuitive Robot’. It was part of the collective exhibition called “Ask Something”, organized by the School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe, at ACUD MACHT NEU.

I built a tent and invited participants to join me and ask a question for a drawing robot that I invented and put together.
I used my intuition to interpret the drawings and find the answers people seeked.

I’m always fascinated by the connection of creativity with non rational forms of exploration and expression. The less I think about concepts or what should or not be happening, the more authentic my work becomes.

The robot

Drawbot is a DIY activity I developed in 2015 to work with children through my art project, Glück Workshops. It consists of a motor and battery, some pens and a base for the body of the robot. Children (and adults!) are always fascinated by the simplicity of building such a thing and then spend hours playing around with its randomness and beauty.

An example of a message I saw in a drawing. Do you also see two people in love?

The animation I projected on the tent when I needed a break

The flyer of the exhibition was another part of the performance as I dressed as a gypsy and had professional pictures taken by Shai Levy, a photographer living in Berlin and working for the fashion industry.